Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll in a course?
Enroll in a course by clicking the "Add to my learning plan" button next to the course title on the Courses page. Be sure to read the course descriptions to ensure you are taking the right course based on your job role.
2. Do I have to be at work to access my courses?
No, the learning portal is accessible online. You can sign in anywhere you have internet access.
3. Can I have multiple people under one email account?
We do not recommend this. There can only be one name assigned to each account. Any completed certificates would be in the name of the person who has the account. There is no record that individuals have received training if they are under one account.
4. What if I cannot complete the course before my access expires?
If you don’t complete the course before it expires, you’ll have to re-enroll and start over.
5. I'm finished a course - where do I get my Certificate of Completion?
Sign In and go to the My Learning Plan page. You can download your certificate there. You will receive an email notification that the certificate is available, but you will have to sign in to retrieve it.
6. Are there specific software or browser requirements to run the online programs?
System Requirements
- Internet Explorer 10, Edge 39, Firefox 57, Chrome 62 or Safari 10 and newer
- Note: If you are using Chrome, ensure Flash is enabled
- Adobe Acrobat Reader
- Articulate Mobile Player (if you are using a mobile device)
- Sound card and speakers are highly recommended
- High speed internet is recommended
- Browsers not listed above may not display content correctly